Saturday, 6 August 2011

European River Cruise - July 2011 - Post 1

Here are some pics from my recent trip. The river ship, APT's Amaverde was only a few months old, very comfortable and her crew provided great service throughout. I flew with Qantas from Melbourne to Singapore, spent 1 night in the airport Crowne Plaza Hotel at Terminal 3, flew with Finnair from Singapore to Helsinki then with Malev Hungarian Airlines from Helsinki to Budapest. I had 3 nights in Budapest before meeting my friends Charles and Valerie for the 15 day voyage to Amsterdam. I then had 4 nights in Amsterdam before flying home, again via Helsinki and Singapore. A great trip!


Like most people I find long flights tedious and exhausting however I do enjoy photographing commercial jets. I admire their sleekness and their technical sophistication.

Qantas A380 at Melbourne Airport prior to departure for Singapore 30/06/11
The cavernous interior of the A380

View from the tail-mounted camera
A great room for plane spotters! The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Singapore Airport

At Singapore Airport

Finnair A340 at Singapore Airport prior to departure for Helsinki 01/07/11

In-flight pictures

Great graphics on the Finnair in-flight display
Arrival at Budapest - at last!

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  1. Great pictures! I hope that hotel room in Singapore airport has double glazing!