Sunday, 7 August 2011

On the rivers - 1

Here's a variety of shots I took during the cruise. The 15 day itinerary was:
Budapest, Hungary - Bratislavia, Slovakia - Vienna, Austria - Durnstein, Austria - Melk, Austria -
Linz, Austria - Passau, Germany - Regensburg, Germany - Nuremberg, Germany - Bamburg, Germany -  Kitzingen, Germany - Miltenberg, Germany - Rudersheim, Germany - Cologne, Germany - Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Departure Budapest

We arrived on a very hot afternoon but enjoyed our short time here, especially relaxing with a couple of beers at a shaded table outside a cafe on one of the main boulevardes.


 We had a day in Vienna which we spent sight-seeing and lunching in the city centre. Apart from the beauty of many of the buildings, the thing I noticed most was the cleanliness of the city. No litter or graffiti to be seen anywhere. Later I visited an interesting church, St. Francis of Assisi, near where the ship docked. Our cab driver told me it was a 'new' church - only a hundred years or so old!


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