Monday, 14 October 2013

Dawn Princess – Venice to Sydney August 2013 – Post 14 (final)

Port Klang, Malaysia 30/9
Flags at the cruise terminal look like they're sagging in the heat.
Tugs leaving the ship after departure.

Port Klang has become one of the busiest container ports in the world.
Sydney 11/10

 After a call at Darwin on 5/10, this wonderful voyage ended at White Bay Cruise Terminal, Sydney on 11/10.

Last breakfast on the voyage.

Some friends aboard the ship.

Head waiter Nathan.
My waiters Caroline and Richard.

Caroline and I Ketut.
Barman and lounge waiter Sachin and Soccoro.
Bar waiter Sassy.
Keith and Geoff.
Leslie, Stefanie and Jules 

Mick and Graeme.
Phil and Jules.
Richard and Wendy.

Sheree in a thoughtful moment.

Deep philosophical discussions with Arnold, Mick and Graeme.

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