Sunday, 16 March 2014

Arcadia - February 2014 - Post 3

Tendering ashore at Benoa, Bali 10/3.

This photo, misleadingly, makes him look asleep at the wheel but he's a highly skilled coxswain.
Typical of the many small coastal freighters still seen around SE Asian ports.

At Kuala Lumpur airport 13/3.  KL like Singapore was blanketed in smoke from bush fires in Indonesia.

People and places around the ship.
Friendly, efficient and obliging bar staff.

The Restaurant Manager.
I had four different cabins during my time aboard - this cabin with a large balcony was the best of those.

Upstairs Downstairs
The British style pub. On sea days, light hearted team quizzes and such were conducted here.

The Crows Nest Bar - a great place for evening drinks.

Bespoke light fittings in the dining room.


  1. Great photos, as always, Tim.

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  3. Great photos! I'm very thankful for your post because I'll be on board in a few months. It's my first time! By the way if you know someone who wants in a cruise ship, he can apply to NSMS-A top maritime agency in the Philippines.